"That solo is Gravy, these boys know their stuff. There's a hugely bright future for these guys, make sure you remember the name:                    Zac and The New Men, from South Wales."

 Nels Hylton BBC Radio1

Zac and The New Men

"If Royal Blood and ACDC had a child and fed it on a diet of Cleopatrick and Jimi Hendrix you'd end up with Zac and The New Men."


This South Wales based band are reinventing Rock for a new generation of fans.

With an unusual name that throws a nod to SRV and Jimi Hendrix, and a look that harks back to the birth of a genre. Zac and The New Men have been thrilling audiences of young and old music fans for the past year and with their single “Deeper”, they announced themselves to the world.

Formed during the 2020 COVID lockdowns these guys have hit the road running and are making themselves heard. With plays on nationwide radio and their dynamic live show captivating audiences they've had rave reviews wherever they've gone.

Made up of Zac, Will, James and Oli all in college together these guys live for their music, there is nothing else. They’ve already been compared to Royal Blood, Queens of the stone age, Dead poets society and Muse with their catchy riffs and amazing stage presence.

In the short time the guys have been playing together they have been played on Radio 1 twice, recognised by BBC introducing and made it through to the final of the Radio 1 Live Lounge competition as one of only four Welsh submissions.
Pete K Mally has described them as "the best new band on the planet" Nels Hylton of BBC Radio 1 said "There's a hugely bright future for these guys make sure you remember the name Zac and The New Men" and Nick Jones Creates is quoted as saying "Zac and The New Men are the best band to come out of Swansea in a generation"

Influences -  Royal Blood, Cleopatrick, Black Stone Cherry, Nothing but Theives,Hendrix, Stevie ray Vaughan.

Coming up

With eight singles out on release 2022 has been an amazing year for Zac and The new Men. This year has seen them hosting three sellout headline shows in their hometown and getting out around the country to broaden their fanbase. They're already booked to play several festivals through next summer. 
Overall 2022 has been a stellar year for these young guys. You can see their upcoming gigs on their link tree above.

Instagram            https://instagram.com/zacandthenewmen

Facebook             http://www.facebook.com/zacandthenewmen

Twitter                  https://twitter.com/zacandthenewmen

Youtube               https://youtube.com/channel/UCpKdNyjlKz2PnWBGdOzLqsQ 

Promo video for Deeper and a couple of live videos from recent gigs