Reinvent Me Out Now

 "Reinvent Me," is receiving rave reviews from a broad range of press. You can check out what people are saying on the PRESS page.

The whole process of writing the album was a challenging one for the band, already known for their blues infused heavy rock and lyrics confronting issues affecting younger generations. "Reinvent Me" defies genre labelling. 

Whilst the boys guitar driven, heavy riff based sound is still prevalent there's a pop tinged sadness to "Embers" and a Bond like feel to "reinvent me'. "Atom Bomb" will have you singing along "Beastie Boys" style and the second release "That's Ok" is a pure emotional rollercoaster.  

Every song in the album, whilst different musically takes you on a journey through difficult circumstance whilst leaving room for hope and redemption.

"We're really proud of how 'Reinvent Me' has turned out," says the band. "We experimented with a lot of different sounds and textures in the production, and we feel like it really represents where we are on our musical journey. We can't wait for people to hear it and share their feedback with us"