"That solo is Gravy, these boys know their stuff. There's a hugely bright future for these guys, make sure you remember the name:                    Zac and The New Men, from South Wales."

 Nels Hylton BBC Radio1

Zac and The New Men

"If Royal Blood and ACDC had a child and fed it on a diet of Cleopatrick and Jimi Hendrix you'd end up with Zac and The New Men."


Zac and The New Men are making waves in the Alt/pop Rock scene, emerging from the South Wales Valleys with a distinct and explosive sound. Frontman Zac's searing guitar work and brooding vocals form the heart of the band's blues-infused style, complemented by Will's groove, James' driving bass, and Oli's high- energy riffs.

Their live shows are a must-see experience, with an electric stage presence and a 70's-inspired aesthetic that captivates audiences and encourages mayhem. With national radio play and rave reviews from the press, Zac and The New Men are quickly becoming a favourite among music fans. As Nels Hylton of BBC Radio 1 said, "There's a hugely bright future for these guys, remember the name Zac and The New Men."

With their upcoming album "Reinvent Me," the band is poised to make an even bigger impact on the music world. "We're really proud of how 'Reinvent Me' has turned out," says the band. "We experimented with a lot of different sounds and textures in the production, and we feel like it really represents where we are on our musical journey. We can't wait for people to hear it."

There is no doubt that this group of talented young musicians is destined for greatness. With a raw and authentic sound that's impossible to ignore, Zac and The New Men are definitely a band to keep on your radar.

Influences -  Royal Blood, Nothing but Thieves, Muse, Hendrix, Stevie ray Vaughan.

Coming up

With eight singles released in 2022 was an amazing year for Zac and The new Men. It saw them hosting three sellout headline shows in their hometown and getting out around the country to broaden their fanbase. They're due booked to play several festivals through next summer and release their first album in May. 
Overall 2022 was a stellar year for these young guys. You can see their upcoming gigs on their link tree above.

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Youtube               https://youtube.com/channel/UCpKdNyjlKz2PnWBGdOzLqsQ 

Promo video for Deeper and a couple of live videos from recent gigs